Cliff Patterson

GIS/IT Consultant

About me

I am a London, Ontario based GIS developer. I work in the conservation sector but I also offer my expertise as an independent consultant. I hold a PhD in Surveying from The University of Otago (New Zealand) and have a background in land cover change, environmental modelling, and archaeology. My areas of expertise include spatial analysis, remote sensing, photogrammetry (UAV and airborne), database design/admin, web development, and GIS server configuration and management. As a strong supporter of open source GIS software, I aim to help businesses leverage this techology to improve performance while reducing operational costs.

GIS, Data Analysis, and Mapping

As an expert in quantitative and spatial analysis, I provide solutions for everything from basic data wrangling to advanced data analysis. This may include environmental, socioeconomic, demographic, archaeological, historical, or health data analysis. Various mapping options are possible, including digital maps for presentations or publication, map atlases, printed maps, and custom webmap applications.

LiDAR and Elevation Data

Services are available to process and analyze elevation data from raw data to informative data products, such as DTMs, DSMs, contours, hillshades, etc. In addition to data processing, I can assist with any 3D spatial analysis, such as designing topographic maps, erosion modelling, volumetric analysis, watershed analysis, and hydrological modelling.

Cloud-based GIS Servers

I can take the headache out of setting up and managing a GIS server with a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates into QGIS and other desktop GIS software. I handle all the backend server configuration and management, such as data uploads, styling, updates, backups, optimization, and user management. Integrated solutions include Geoserver and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

Remote Sensing

Building upon my PhD thesis, I specialize in land cover classification and change detection using a variety of optical and active sensors, such as LANDSAT, Sentinel, and Radarsat. In addition to land cover classification, I can assist with coastal erosion monitoring, vegetation analysis in agricultural areas (e.g. crop health), forest assessments to identify deforestation or other changes (e.g. disease), and evaluate the status of water bodies (e.g. algae blooms).

GIS Development

If you require a custom solution, be it a webmap application, custom digitizing application for QGIS, or a complex geodatabase using PostgreSQL/PostGIS, I can build solid, cost effective solutions by leveraging open source technology. Customized mobile data collection solutions are also available.

Support and Training

Taking the leap into open source GIS can be daunting. I help facilitate migration to open source GIS through one-on-one training, private or public group workshops, and/or through direct software support. I provide training and support for QGIS, Geoserver, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SAGA GIS, etc.

Supported Open Source GIS Software


Powerful desktop GIS software.


Relational database management system.


OGS compliant GIS server.


Spatial extension for PostgreSQL.

Leaflet JS

A javascript webmapping library.


A powerful raster processing platform.